June 12, 2023

Extensive and exciting Board Meeting in Copenhagen

On 2 June, the Steering Board of Nordic Energy Equality Network (NEEN) gathered in Copenhagen at the  Danish Energy Agency to discuss NEEN’s ongoing activities and way forward. After a longer period of digital meetings, Chair of the Steering Board Karina Barnholt Klepper and Vice Chair of the Steering Board Harpa Pétursdóttir, as well as Board Members Nanna Baldvinsdóttir, Petra Berg, Claire Bergaentzlé, Torill Meistad, and Kristina Christensen, together with representatives from Nordic Energy Research Astrid Bratli and Elina Sjölinder, were delighted to see each other live on-site.

“It was great to feel all the creativity and potential we have for doing great things!” says Harpa.

Petra concurs with Harpa.

“It was great to meet everyone again. I agree with Harpa, it was really energizing and inspiring. I’m looking forward to our next moves!”

From the left: Nanna Baldvinsdóttir, Harpa Pétursdóttir, Petra Berg, Claire Bergaentzlé, Elina Sjölinder, Karina Barnholt Klepper, Torill Meistad, Astrid Bratli, and Kristina Christensen.

Eventful outcomes and outlooks

Due to some time having passed since NEEN’s last physical Board Meeting, the group was not only extra excited to get together – they did also have an extra extensive agenda to go through. The many discussion points covered during the meeting are a telltale sign of the grand things that the future holds for NEEN.

Some of the topics addressed included NEEN’s mission and impact, strategic focus, possible collaborations, and events for next year as well as for the fall of 2023. Therefore, the meeting was positively productive and left the participants driven to make further progress on gender equality and women empowerment within the energy sector in the Nordic region and in general.

The Board Meeting took place at the premises of the Danish Energy Agency. Thank you for having us!