January 26, 2023

NEEN’s expert list reaches 100 names!

One of NEEN’s main activities is our continually growing list of female experts within the Nordic energy sector. As of today, we can proudly announce that the expert list has reached a milestone – 100 names are now listed in the network’s collection of energy-knowledgeable women.

The expert list showcases women with experience of great width and depth in connection to energy issues. As such, the list works to promote diversity and equality for an inclusive sustainable energy transition. Some of the latest additions to the list include Maj Dang Trong, Lorea Coronado-Garcia, Julia Hansson, and Anna Volkova.

This is still a small portion of all the female competence and skills within energy related areas. NEEN will continue the ambitions of boosting girls and women with a professional interest in energy!

Check out all of the names on the expert list!