December 5, 2022

Video: Off grid and decentralized energy systems in the Nordics

Nordic Energy Research, who funds NEEN, has travelled through the Nordics to talk to thought leaders and to explore Nordic examples of renewable energy source co-operation. Together with Thought Leader Global, Nordic Energy Research has produced eight corporate films that each focus on a specific issue.

Video number six deals with the potential of decentralized and isolated energy systems and features the female energy experts Martina Wettin, Co-founder/Board Member of Nilsson Energy, Tanja Winther, Professor at University of Oslo, Anna Werner, CEO of Swedish Solar Energy, and Helma Maria Trondheim, PhD and Electrical Engineer at Elfelagið SEV

“I don’t believe that hydrogen is the future, I believe it’s the present,” says Martina.

“What questions do we need to ask? Maybe equality and inclusion should be part of that first question. And then, how can we make technology and markets work for that purpose? That would be ideal,” says Tanja.

Press play or watch the video here.