November 28, 2022

Video: Green transport in the Nordics

Nordic Energy Research, who funds NEEN, has travelled through the Nordics to talk to thought leaders and to explore Nordic examples of renewable energy source co-operation. Together with Thought Leader Global, Nordic Energy Research has produced eight corporate films that each focus on a specific issue.

The fifth video centres around Green transport in the Nordics and features the female energy experts Christina Bu, Berglind Ran Olafsdottir, Johanna Sippo, Agnes Árnadottír, and Hege Økland.

“We always have to keep in mind that the solution is not just stop driving fossil fuel cars and start driving EVs, there are other things that need to change,” says Berglind.

“The main challenge is that fossil fuel is so much cheaper than green alternatives. So it’s hard to be competitive with today’s regime so we need to have new mechanisms which enhance the competitiveness of greener fuels,” says Hege.

“I don’t believe we can wait around until we have 100% renewable electricity production in the world before we start the transition to vehicles that can run on that renewable fuel. We have to do both things as fast as we can,” says Christina.

Press play or watch the video here.