October 10, 2022

Video: Carbon Capture and Storage in a Nordic context

Nordic Energy Reserach, who funds NEEN, has travelled through the Nordics to talk to thought leaders and to explore Nordic examples of renewable energy source co-operation. Together with Thought Leader Global, Nordic Energy Research has produced eight corporate films that each focus on a specific issue.

The second video centres around Carbon Capture and Storage in a Nordic context and features one of the profiles on NEEN’s list of female energy experts – Ingvild Ombudstvedt – as well as Edda Aradottir, CEO at CarbFix, and Berglind Ran Olafsdottir, CEO at ON Power.

”The entire CCS community have a bunch of pioneers involved that believe in the cause and they believe they really do this not because they want to make a billion bucks, they do this because they believe it’s important to save the globe,” says Ingvild.

Press play or watch the video here