July 1, 2022

Empowering Energy Equality Conference closed

The Nordic Energy Equality Conference 2022 closed on June 15th, after two days of high-spirited and thoughtful dialogues. 50 people had signed up for the conference, and participants delved into gender balance, diversity, and inclusion in the Nordic energy sector, as keynote speakers, panel discussions, Q&As, and networking took place by the shore in Oslo.

The Nordic Energy Equality Conference 2022 was located at SALT in Oslo.

Equality and diversity are crucial parts of a sustainable energy transition. Diversity brings creativity, and creativity is a much-needed component in solving the climate crisis. However, women are underrepresented in the energy sector according to the Gender equality in the Nordic energy sector report. Therefore, the Nordic Energy Equality Conference focused on concrete actions to accomplish social as well as green sustainability. The objective of gathering different voices and creating prospects of inclusion was fulfilled thanks to all the people who took part in the conference. And on top of all the analytical and reflective discussions at the conference, it brought about a fair share of amusement and laughter too.

The Nordic Energy Equality conference was fortunate with great weather. Elizabeth Lokken (left) and Maj Dang Trong (right) enjoy the sun.

“The Nordic Energy Equality conference plays an important role to promote diversity, because it gathers not only diverse people in terms of gender, age, or culture, but also in relation to areas of expertise. There is an inter-disciplinary presence here today, with academics, engineers, and everything in between, who are able to meet and learn from each other at this conference,” says Maj Dang Trong, PhD student at University of Southern Denmark.

“Yes, we are facing big changes, and this conference observes how everyone are affected and affect these changes,” Elizabeth Lokken, Analyst at PA Consulting, adds.

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging

Sarah Hitz, Communication Adviser at Nordic Innovation, found the event inspirational and constructive. “I’m here in support of my colleagues Trine Moa and Hege Guttormsen – two of all the impressive keynote speakers at the conference. One of the most interesting things they brought up was a quote by Agnese Cimdina, Senior Adviser at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Riga, who once said that ‘Diversity is being invited to the table, inclusion is when you are allowed to speak, and belonging is when you are actually being listened to’,” says Sarah.

Sarah Hitz (left) and Frida Frost (right).

Frida Frost, Consultant at DTU Wind and Energy Systems, participated on behalf of Women in Power, a group under IEEE. She enjoyed the new perspectives at the conference, and the notion of taking different generations into account. “Younger people have so much ambition that needs to be seized,” says Frida. “And the audience members showed such great interest by actively asking questions – indicating concern as well as drive. This shows potential and promise when it comes to fulfilling the call for change. Next time, I hope even more participants will join.”

The Nordic Energy Equality Conference was arranged by Nordic Energy Equality Network, which is funded by Nordic Energy Research. We thank all participants for joining and contributing with valuable input!

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