December 6, 2021

Women are a minority within the Nordic energy sector

Have you had a chance to read the report Gender equality in the Nordic energy sector yet? Results indicate that Nordic energy companies and universities as well as energy authorities still suffer from a major gender imbalance.

The report on gender equality in the Nordic energy sector is a collaborative project between Nordic Energy Research, Nordic Energy Equality Network and EY. It addresses that status of women within the Nordic energy sector, through information obtained from energy companies, academia and energy authorities. The report’s main finding is that there is a major gender imbalance, where women are a minority throughout the Nordic energy sector. Even though the Nordic region is often praised for equality and inclusion, there are in many ways still a lot of work to be done. The report lays a foundation for monitoring the development of gender balance in the Nordic energy field in the coming years, and aims to have a positive effect on the sector and encourage change.

You can read the report here. Want to share your thoughts on the results? Please join NEEN’s group on LinkedIn to discuss.