March 8, 2021

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

Are your female colleagues well represented and appreciated for their work? How can we engage more women in the energy sector?

Photo courtesy of Beercha via Wikipedia Commons.

Research shows that role models are of high importance when it comes to encouraging young people to study and work within the energy sector. How can we make our role models more visible?

One of the first organizations to work with visibility in the Nordic region was “Equalisters” (Rättviseförmedlingen) in Sweden. They gathered a list of experts that had desired competence from different sectors and published them on their website. Similarly, to make women in the energy sector visible, Kraftkvinnorna in Sweden had made available a list of female experts on their website. Kraftkvinnorna and their Norwegian sister organization Kraftkvinnene also give recognition to women in the energy sector awarding the “powerwoman of the year”. A slightly different approach was adopted by Sonja Berlijn, former SVP R&D at Statnett in Norway – she initiated changes in the visual profile of the company’s R&D website, where most pictures had featured men. Another example comes from Iceland, where the organization Konur í orkumálum has made significant impact by highlighting role models and promoting women in the sector.

We are glad to announce that NEEN is soon releasing a list of experts from the Nordic energy sector! We will publish this list on our website and recruiters as well as the media, conference organizers and others who are looking for energy skills could use it.

Do you know any women in the Nordic energy sector whom you would like to nominate? Please contact us with your suggestions, and we would be happy to add them to our list!